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Potholes in Britain – Twice the Area of the Isle of Wight

Figures obtained by Britannia Rescue show that the total area of potholes in Britain is almost 300 square miles – more than double the area of the Isle of Wight.

The statistics (which were released under the Freedom of Information Act) reveal an average of one pot hole per mile of British road.

Motorist Claims

Britannia Rescue claims that around 1 motorist in 10 has encountered car damage as a result of driving over poor road surfaces in the past 12 months.

The most recent figures (2012/2013) indicate that local authorities paid out £2.5m in compensation to those motorists whose vehicle was damaged as a consequence of driving over potholes.

Britannia states that the average cost of repairing a pot hole is £50 – meaning that the amount of money paid out in compensation claims could have been spent on fixing 50,000 potholes.

Potholes – Compensation Claims

Last year, UK councils experienced a 79% increase in pothole compensation claims.

Of the 32,600 claims, the most common were:

  • Tyre damage (43%)
  • Damaged suspension (34%)
  • Damaged wheel rims (26%)

The number of potholes on British roads is thought to number around 200,000. Motorists are advised to protect themselves and their vehicles from potholes by reducing speed.

Claiming with Hampson Hughes Solicitors

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