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Sun dazzle & road accidents – northwest at risk

Road accidents linked to sun dazzle (or sun glare) are more frequent in October. Last year, almost 300 hours of low sun throughout the autumn contributed to 28 road deaths in Britain.

Sun dazzle – roads in northwest most affected

Dazzle is a reported factor in 3,900 road traffic accident injuries each year. An annual national average of 1.4 people is killed or injured in road traffic accidents linked to dazzle. In the northwest, this figure rises to 2.2 road deaths/injuries per instance of road traffic accident caused by sun dazzle.

October has been highlighted as the month during which road users in Britain are most susceptible to dazzle. This is because sunrise and sunset occur during rush-hour throughout October – a month known for increasingly poor weather conditions as winter approaches.

Edmund King, AA President, commented:

“Pedestrians walking with their backs to vehicles are almost twice
as likely to be killed or seriously injured in road accidents”

Mr King has also tweeted this advice to drivers:

“Slow down, shades, clean windscreen, expect the unexpected.”

Roads with an East-West orientation are at higher risk, including the M4 (London to South Wales) and the M62 (Liverpool to Hull, via Manchester and Leeds).

The AA has advised drivers to slow down immediately if dazzle occurs, and to avoid maintaining speed in the anticipation that the dazzle will cease (for example, when approaching buildings or trees that could obscure the sun).

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Source: The AA

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