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Salmonella – Liverpool takeaway closed down

A takeaway offering English and Chinese meals has been closed down in Liverpool following 14 confirmed cases of Salmonella.

Woks Cooking eatery, located in the Westvale area of Kirkby, is thought to have been the common link between those taken ill. Paula Pierce, who manages the nearby Railway pub, witnessed the effects of Salmonella on her 24 year old daughter, Chantelle.

Ms Pierce commented:

“My daughter Chantelle had a steak and kidney pie and hot and sour soup
from there a week Monday ago. She wasn’t feeling well later on.
She went to the doctor’s on the Tuesday and
was diagnosed with food poisoning.

“On the Wednesday the ambulance came out for her at the house and
she was put on morphine. Her temperature was 40 degrees.”

Ms Pierce also explained that the hospital was able to quickly diagnose Chantelle’s condition as Salmonella, and asked questions about what Chantelle had eaten. The hospital then made the suitable recommendations to the environmental health agency.

Another man spoke to the Liverpool ECHO from his hospital bed. He had spent the night in intensive care following kidney failure after dining at Woks Cooking eatery.

The man said:

“I went into intensive care and my kidneys failed.
I also spent four nights in critical care.

I bought special fried rice and a couple of days later was ill. I had severe
diarrhoea and I was vomiting. I called the doctor and the
ambulance came out for me. I felt awful.”

Dr Alex Stewart, speaking on behalf of the Cheshire and Merseyside Public Health England Centre, added:

“Investigations are ongoing and all public health
measures have been put in place.”

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Source: Liverpool ECHO, Friday, July 25th, 2014, page 12

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