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Care Worker Jailed for 10 Years for Abuse

A care worker has been jailed for sexually abusing three elderly people in her care. Christina Sethi worked the night shift at a care home in Devon and was responsible for overseeing the care of patients. Her role involved ensuring that patients were safe and well in their rooms through hourly checks.

Instead, Sethi filmed herself sexually assaulting three vulnerable elderly patients and then proceeded to send the videos to her boyfriend for his ‘sexual gratification’.

Vulnerable Victims

Her victims included two females, said to be the most vulnerable individuals in the home, and one male.

One of Sethi’s female victims had dementia and was 101 years old. She abused the women then sent the seven and a half minute long clip of her abuse to her boyfriend. Sethi apparently denied any wrong doing when her victim tried to complain at the time of the abuse, prompting her victim to tell her ‘yes you are’.

Her other female victim had been sent to the home for end-of-life care and had Alzheimer’s disease. The court heard how Sethi abused this victim a total of three times in just one night. According to police the woman ‘knew something was happening to her’, although she was unable to speak out about her ordeal.

Sethi’s final victim was a blind and vulnerable man with dementia. He again was aware that something was happening to him, and even asked Sethi what was happening during his abuse.

Full Admission

Christina Sethi was jailed for a total of ten years after making a full admission of her actions.

Defending, Jeff Segan said:

“She is just 25 and despite what she did she is not beyond redemption.

“She wants to take advantage of all the opportunities during what she knows will be a long time in custody and rebuild herself.”

Detective Inspector Ed Wright, from Devon and Cornwall Police, said once the case was over:

“Sethi committed crimes that most ordinary people could never comprehend.

“This depraved individual carried out shocking acts of abuse and grossly abused her position at the care home.

“She committed these atrocious acts on the very people she had been trusted to care for and targeted their vulnerabilities in order to satisfy her own sexual deviance.

“Sethi showed complete disregard for the welfare of her vulnerable victims, their families, her colleagues and the care home – all of whom now have to deal with the effects of her traumatic actions.

“She has shown herself to be selfish, chilling and manipulative, committing an abhorrent breach of trust and responsibility.”

He added:

“This has been an emotional and difficult time for those affected by Sethi’s actions and they have shown immense courage throughout this investigation.

“I hope they can take some small comfort in the fact that, by acting swiftly, police were able to ensure Sethi could not commit further crimes and we were able to safeguard those individuals who are most vulnerable in our society.”

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Source: Mail Online

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