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Child abuse – politician and Staffordshire Police scandal

An unnamed male politician is at the centre of a police investigation following allegations of child abuse. A judge and a Lord may also be connected to the crimes, and several members of the Staffordshire Police Force stand accused of facilitating and ‘joining in with’ the abuse.

Staffordshire abuse scandal – 1980s & 1990s

Esther Baker, 32, has waived the right to anonymity in an appeal for anybody who may be holding information regarding her alleged abusers to come forward, saying “… every one of us that comes forward will hold a different piece of the puzzle. I can’t fill it in on my own.”

In an interview with Sky News, Ms Baker stated that she was subjected to sexual abuse over a four year period during the 80s and 90s. She claims that the abuse took place in various locations across Staffordshire, including a wooded area called Cannock Chase.

Politician, authority figures, and Staffordshire Police Force implicated

Ms Baker recalls that from the age of six she experienced sexual abuse at the hands of different men operating as part of a paedophile ring. She says that other children of around the same age were often present and that sometimes the children were given alcohol. However, she never spoke to any of the other children, and she does not claim to know “who brought them”.

In relation to the politician at the centre of the scandal, Ms Baker says:

“I would know that face anywhere. I have lived with it and others in
my head for over 20 years, I know every inch of him.”

“I used to play the piano, and he was quite taken with that
… there were different houses.”

“I would sit on his lap and he would want me to play.”

In relation so the authority figures, Ms Baker says:

“I don’t quite know how to explain. I was brought up in a religious
household and one thing that kept me so sure that what they
were doing was right was that there were references
to people, Lords and a judge.

“I picked up on those names, because I thought one of them must
have been God because one of them was ‘Our Lord’.

“I just thought that they were on God’s authority.”

In relation to the Staffordshire Police Force, Ms Baker says:

“I got the feeling very much that they [the police] were protecting
somebody, that they were with one of the men.

“One of them [a police officer] I knew from church. There were a few
occasions where they would be in uniform, and I kind of knew,
I learnt that when they were in uniform that it was
going to be a rough night.

“There was one that I can remember, one of the times I tried to run
away and tried to get away from them and he came after me,
caught up with me and he was carrying me back to where
the rest of them were and he said he was sorry”

Staffordshire abuse – appeal for information

Ms Baker, who now resides in Liverpool, has so far provided over 33 hours of testimony:

“I’ve spoken out because I hope witnesses will come forward.”

“I know they are terrified to come forward, I know what they were told,
I know what threats were made and I know why they are scared.”

The politician at the centre of the scandal is thought to still be alive, but cannot be named for legal reasons.

Politician and Staffordshire Police scandal – expert help

If you believe that you may have valuable information regarding the ongoing ‘politician and Staffordshire Police child abuse scandal’, and if you would like expert advice and support, we can help. Our experienced team of solicitors specialises in providing valuable guidance in cases of abuse.

For further information, and to discover how we could help you, please call 0800 888 6 888, or email


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