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Young family lived in property at risk from gas health risks for four years

A landlord from Slough has been fined for serious safety breaches after he left a young family in potential danger for nearly four years after consistently failing to check the gas appliances in a property he rented to them.

What happened?

The gas appliances had not been maintained and tested so the family could be provided with a Landlord’s Gas Safety Record for the property.

As a landlord, Mohammed Nawaz, 25, had a legal duty to ensure the gas appliances in any properties he rented were checked every 12 months by a competent gas engineer.

However, between June 2010 and February 2014, no such tests were carried out and no documentation was ever given to the tenants at any stage in the 4 years tenancy.

When a Gas Safe Register engineer finally visited the property, the boiler was classed as “at risk” because of an incompetent seal around the flue and incorrectly-sized gas supply pipes to the boiler.

Regardless of a warning and an enforcement notice from HSE, plus an abatement notice from the local council requiring him to comply with the law, Mr Nawaz neglected to respond, continuing to expose the family to potential health risks.

What was the outcome?

Mr Nawaz was fined a total of £9,000 and ordered to pay full costs of £3,941 after admitting two offences of breaching gas safety regulations and a further offence of failing to comply with an enforcement notice.

HSE Inspector, Karen Morris, said:

“Mohammed Nawaz failed to take seriously his duties and
responsibilities as a landlord and the result was
to put a family-including two children
at risk of significant harm.

“There is no excuse for landlords failing to ensure that
gas appliances in rented properties are
properly maintained and subject
to annual safety checks.”

“These are simple and inexpensive measures but they are vital for the safety of the people living in the premises.”

Russell Kramer, Chief Executive of Gas Safe Register, commented:

“When it comes to rented property, it is important that
landlords know their duties and tenants
know their rights.

“A landlord must be able to provide a as safety record for
the property, showing that the gas appliances have
been safety-checked by a Gas Safe registered
engineer in the last 12 months.”

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