£1,766 Awarded following Non-Fault Crash

The Road Traffic Accident team here at Hampson Hughes Solicitors recently secured personal injury compensation for a client who suffered whiplash injuries in a non-fault road accident.

Non-fault road accident

At the time of the incident, our client was stationary when the defendant failed to stop. As a result, the defendant’s Nissan Duke collided with the rear of the claimant’s Ford Fiesta.

Whiplash injuries

Our client sustained whiplash type injuries to her neck and back in the collision, and reports suffering with travel anxiety in the time since the accident. Furthermore, the claimant’s whiplash injuries restricted simple movements such as bending, stretching and lifting.

Successful outcome

On this occasion Hampson Hughes Solicitors managed to secure a total of £1,766 in personal injury compensation for our client.

Road traffic accident claims – specialist advice

If you have suffered whiplash as a result of a non-fault road traffic accident, contact us today. Whether you have been injured as a driver, passenger, pedestrian or cyclist, we could help you secure maximum road accident compensation.

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