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Two Men Jailed for Manslaughter after Road Traffic Accident

A mechanic and the owner of a haulage company have been jailed after a road traffic accident involving a truck with faulty brakes killed four people in 2015.


On 9 February 2015 an employee of Grittenham Haulage, 20 year old Phillip Potter, was driving the 32 tonne vehicle down a steep road in Bath when the brakes failed.

Mitzy Steady and her grandmother Margaret Rogers were struck by the truck as they crossed the road. Four year old Mitzy died during the incident and Mrs Rogers was seriously injured. She spent a total of three months in hospital for her injuries and required below the knee amputation of both legs.

After hitting the little girl and her grandmother, the truck careered into a vehicle parked at the bottom of the road before overturning. The three men in the car at the time, Stephen Vaughan, 34, Philip Allen, 52, and Robert Parker, 59, were all killed.

Safety Check “Wholly Inadequate”

Bristol Crown Court heard how Grittenham Haulage, owned by Matthew Gordon, was “a shambles from start to finish”.

Adam Vaitilingam QC, prosecuting, also told the court how recommended brake efficiency tests had not been carried out on the 11 year old vehicle. Vaitilingam added that the final safety check on the truck, carried out by mechanic Peter Wood, was “wholly inadequate”.


On Friday 27 January, Gordon, 30, and Wood, 55, were each convicted of four counts of manslaughter.
Gordon was handed a prison sentence of seven years and six months. Wood was sentenced to five years and three months.

Mr Justice Langstaff told the pair that the brakes were in an appalling state, adding that the lorry should not have been on the road. He told Gordon:

“You were not concerned for the public.”

Potter, the driver of the lorry, was cleared by a jury at Bristol crown court in December 2015.

Source: Guardian

£1,250 Compensation Secured for Trip Over Kerb

Our specialist Personal Injury team here at Hampson Hughes Solicitors recently secured compensation for a client who suffered a non-fault injury.

Incident & injuries

At the time of the accident, Mr McMahon was walking along a street when he caught his shoe on a kerb. As a result, our client tripped and fell onto his left hand. Mr McMahon sustained a fracture to his thumb.

Mr McMahon reports that following from the incident, activities such as shopping and domestic duties were restricted. Our client advised that for a number of months after the accident he suffered from severe discomfort to his thumb. Mr McMahon also reports that this discomfort worsened in cold weather.

Successful outcome

Liability was admitted by the third party and the case was settled out of court.

Hampson Hughes Solicitors managed to secure a total of £1,250 in personal injury compensation for our client.

Mr McMahon commented:

“I was convinced I would lose my case in court, as many people do, but Hampson Hughes Solicitors won an out of court settlement. I’d like to thank all the team that worked on my case.”

Expert personal injury advice from Hampson Hughes Solicitors

Hampson Hughes Solicitors specialise in recovering personal injury compensation in cases of slip, trips, and falls. If you believe you may be eligible to claim following a non-fault accident, contact us today.

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Over £2,000 in Damages Secured for RTA

Image of two parties exchanging details following a road traffic accident rear end collision

Our team of Road Traffic Accident specialists recently secured personal injury compensation for a client who suffered severe whiplash injuries in a non-fault accident.

Road traffic accident

At the time of the incident our client, Mr Neilson, was waiting in a queue of traffic. His vehicle was situated in the right hand lane of a dual carriageway.

The Defendant failed to stop on approaching Mr Neilson’s stationary vehicle. As a result, a rear end collision ensued.


Mr Neilson sustained severe whiplash type injuries to his neck, back and shoulders. The Claimant was required to take 3 weeks of sick leave from his place of employment due to the injuries he sustained.

Mr Neilson also reports that he was unable to attend the gym or take his children to school for a number of months following the road traffic accident.


On this occasion, Hampson Hughes Solicitors’ Road Traffic Accident team secured a total of £2,030 in compensation for our client.

Commenting on the claims process with Hampson Hughes Solicitors, Mr Neilson said:

“Really quick and easy process.”

Begin your road accident claim today

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Image of two parties exchanging details following a road traffic accident rear end collision

Hampson Hughes Solicitors, a law firm which specialises no win, no fee personal injury claims, has revealed the most common types of accidents involving motorists.

The research, based on a sample of over 40,000 road traffic accident (RTA) claims from 2014 – 2016, highlights the top 15 accident types according to data from the Liverpool based law firm.

Hampson Hughes Solicitors’ Top 15 Types of Road Traffic Accidents* (RTAs):

[visualizer id=”22708″]

*Based on a sample of 42,427 road traffic accident claims received by Hampson Hughes Solicitors from 2014 – 2016.

Rear End Collisions Pose the Biggest Threat to Motorists According to Hampson Hughes Solicitors

Rear end collisions represent almost half of all road traffic accident claims dealt with by Hampson Hughes Solicitors (47% in total). From 2014 – 2016 the firm sought compensation for 19,807 people that had been injured in a car accident in which one vehicle had crashed into the back of another.

Lara O’Donnell, Head of Road Traffic Accident Claims at Hampson Hughes Solicitors, said:

“If you’re driving too closely to the vehicle in front then the chances are you won’t have left adequate stopping distance should that driver need to brake suddenly.

“Rear end collisions represent the majority of road traffic accident claims dealt with by Hampson Hughes Solicitors so tailgaters should take note.

“If you want to stay safe on the roads, and avoid a claim on your insurance policy, keep a reasonable distance between yourself and the car in front.”

In the eyes of the law liability often lies with the driver of the vehicle travelling behind as they’re required to leave an adequate distance between themselves and the car in front. An extract from the Motor Vehicle Act says:

“A driver of a vehicle must not… follow another vehicle more closely than is reasonable and prudent, having due regard for the speed of the vehicles and the amount and nature of traffic on and the condition of the highway.”

Drivers Should Take Extra Care amid Weather Warnings According to Hampson Hughes Solicitors

Following the release of its Road Traffic Accident Report, Hampson Hughes Solicitors is warning motorists to take extra care on the roads amid severe weather warnings.

The Liverpool based law firm, which revealed that rear end collisions pose the biggest threat to motorists, said that drivers are at greater risk of this type of accident when there is rain, ice and snow on the roads.

Lara O’Donnell, Head of Road Traffic Accident Claims at Hampson Hughes Solicitors, said:

“It’s even more important to leave a reasonable distance between yourself and the car in front during bad weather conditions. Rain, ice and snow not only increase your braking distance but also affect your tyres grip on the road.

“With the Met Office issuing severe weather warnings across much of the country drivers should take extra care.”

Hampson Hughes Solicitors’ Top Tips for Staying Safe on the Roads

1. Plan your journey
Firstly, is your journey really necessary? If yes, have you checked the weather forecast? Finally, have you planned the safest route? It pays to plan ahead and be prepared.

2. Check your car

Be sure to check your tyre pressure and tread depth regularly as wet and icy conditions can affect your tyres grip on the road. Also make sure you lights and wipers are fully functioning and that your windscreen, windows and mirrors are completely clear.

3. Reduce your speed accordingly

Stay within the speed limit and keep an eye out for any temporary speed limit signs. Fog and heavy rainfall can affect visibility reducing your reaction time so it’s important to reduce your speed to improve your reaction times.

4. Keep your distance
Braking distances can increase by up to ten times in snow and icy conditions. Don’t just rely on brakes to bring you to a stop – make sure to decrease through your gears too to aid you safely.

5. Prepare for an emergency
In the event of weather worsening pack an emergency kit in case you get stuck or break down. This might include: a de-icer and ice-scraper; cloths for clearing windscreen and mirrors; a mobile phone charger; a torch and spare batteries; a blanket, warm coat and boots; food and water and a first-aid kit.

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