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Brothers Admit Domestic Abuse of Mother & Sister

Two men have been jailed after it was discovered that they had subjected both their mother and sister to over a year of domestic abuse.

‘Unimaginable’ abuse

25 year old Faisal Hussein and his younger brother Arbaaz Ahmed, 19, gave their family members just £1 a month to buy sanitary products and would not let them turn on the taps in their home. They were forced instead to wash using a small bucket of water.

Judge Jonathan Rose told Bradford Crown Court that the brother’s assault of their sister, 30, was ‘almost unimaginable to any decent human being’. He went on to say that the mother and sister were ‘essentially slaves’.

Sustained attack

The court heard how the two men used an array of weapons during the sustained and repeated assault on their sister, including the buckle of a belt, a wooden spoon and a shoe.

On the day of the attack, May 16 this year, the sister was ordered into the living room were the two men proceeded to slap her head and face repeatedly. Ahmed then struck his sister with the metal buckle of a belt, before hitting her with a wooden spoon so hard it broke in two. Hussein went on to strike his sister with a shoe.

The pair then kicked their sibling to the floor, where they continued to punch and kick her. Hussein and Ahmed eventually kicked her out of the house and a member of the public alerted police after seeing the woman in a distressed state.


Hussein and Ahmed, both of Bradford, admitted assaulting their sister Ruhee Hussein.

The brothers also admitted using controlling and coercing behaviour on her and their mother, Nasara Hussein, 53, between January 1, 2016 and May 16, 2017.

Furthermore, both were made the subject of a five-year restraining order prohibiting them from contacting the complainants.

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Source: Mail Online