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61 Year Old Seriously Burned in Accident at Work

A council contractor has been fined after an employee suffered major burns in an accident at work.

Accident at work – electric shock

Gloucester Crown Court heard how a 61 year old worker was carrying out the replacement of a traffic light pole when he came into contact with a live underground wire. The man was an employee of a company instructed by Amey – a UK based infrastructure support service provider – to carry out the work. He was immediately electrocuted and suffered serious burns to his hands, arms, stomach, face, leg and chest after the power of the electric current set him on fire.

HSE investigation

The Health and Safety Executive launched an investigation into accident at work and found a number of safety failings by Amey. The court heard how Amey did not provide adequate information on the location of underground services in the area and that Amey had not properly managed the risks from these. Furthermore, the investigation found that Amey’s supervision of the work was inadequate.

Sentencing & fines

Amey LG Limited, of Edmund Halley Road, Oxford, pleaded guilty to breaching Regulation 25 (4) of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015. The firm was fined £600,000 and ordered to pay costs of £15,498 following the accident at work.

After the hearing, HSE Principal Inspector Helena Tinton said:

“This man suffered life changing injuries as a result of this incident. He’s not been able to return to work, he still can’t use his hands properly and has been left both physically and mentally scarred by what happened. Had Amey given adequate information to the team working on site, and had Amey ensured the work was properly planned and supervised, this incident could have been avoided.

“This case should act as a reminder to local authorities and their contractors of the risks of working underground and the danger of severe electric shocks.”

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Source: Health & Safety Executive