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Holiday Injury Leaves Toddler Brain Damaged

Stanley Birch was on a luxury holiday with his parents at a five star resort in Bodrum, Turkey when the holiday injury took place in 2014.

Holiday injury

Stanley was lying on a sunbed when a heavy speaker fell off a nearby balcony, falling 15 meters before landing on the two year old’s head. His parent’s feared he may be dead, as he lay motionless in a pool of blood by the pool.

A doctor staying at the hotel, the Yasmin Resort in Turgutreis, picked him up and he was rushed to a nearby hospital. Staff at the Bodrum Hospital operated on Stanley for over three hours.

Severe brain damage

The two year old was left with severe brain damage after surgeons found an epidural haematoma and were required to drain excess blood off his brain. Stanley also needed 20 staples to his head and ten stiches to his face following the incident.

Now six, Stanley’s development has been affected and his parent’s say he suffers with behavioural issues as a result of his injuries. He has to attend regular monthly check ups and his brain development is closely monitored.

Holiday injury compensation from TUI

Stanley and his family are potentially now looking at a potential payout of hundreds of thousands of pounds in personal injury compensation from holiday tour operator, TUI.

Stanley’s mother, Amy, said:

‘It was horrible.

‘Stanley had just woken up, and we were by the pool a few metres from him. Then I heard this bang and everyone was screaming.

‘I turned round and saw him lying still. He was off the sun lounger, which was completely smashed. I thought he was dead.

‘He wasn’t crying, I knew something was wrong because I knew he should be crying.

‘The ambulance came and he was in and out of consciousness when they got him to the hospital.

‘He was in there for three hours where they discovered he had suffered a tear to his main artery.’

His father, Mitchell, added:

‘He is happy and doing well, and we are lucky he is alive. But no-one knows for sure if he will develop 100 percent as he should have.

‘It is very stressful thinking how what happened on that day could still change his life now.’

Thomson accepted liability last year, but it is unlikely Stanley will receive any compensation until he is at least 18. This is because professionals won’t know exactly what effect his injuries will have until he comes to key moments in his life, such as school and exams.

TUI’s response

A spokeswoman for Thomson and First Choice said:

‘We can confirm that an incident took place at the Yasmin Resort in Bodrum on 12th June 2014 and as a result a child was taken to hospital.

‘Our resort team offered every possible support and assistance at the time of and in the aftermath of the incident, conducting a full investigation to understand what happened.

‘Our Welfare Team based in the UK were also in direct contact with the customers and continued to offer the necessary support.

‘As this case is now subject to legal proceedings it would be inappropriate to comment further.’

Holiday injury claims – expert advice

Holiday injury compensation may be available where your non-fault injury is the result of professional negligence at any stage of your package holiday. This also includes negligence on behalf of service providers working in conjunction with your tour operator.

If you believe that your tour operator could have taken reasonable steps towards preventing your injury, contact us today on 0800 888 6888 or email info@hh-law.co.uk. Hampson Hughes Solicitors’ dedicated team of holiday injury solicitors could help you to secure maximum personal injury compensation.

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£3,500 Compensation Secured for Accident Abroad

Image of a yellow and white parasol with blue sky background relating to a holiday injury claim

Our expert personal injury solicitors were recently instructed by a client who suffered a non-fault injury whilst on holiday in Tunisia.

The claimant was on an all-inclusive package holiday at the ClubHotel Riu Marco Polo with Thomson Holidays when the accident abroad occurred.

During our client’s stay at the hotel, the weather on occasion had been fairly windy. According to our client, when the weather was particularly windy, staff at the ClubHotel Riu Marco Polo would remove sun parasols from their concrete slabs and place on the floor, so that they would not blow over.

However, on one occasion when the weather was bad, the staff simply lowered the parasols, instead of removing them form the slabs completely.

Our client was sunbathing by the pool when a gust of wind lifted the parasol and concrete block, which then struck the claimant’s legs.

As a result the claimant sustained injuries and losses thereof. She had bruising and pain to both ankles and bruising and pain to her left calve. She reported this to the rep and filled in the accident book and took pain killers for her injury.

Our expert team managed to secure £3,500 personal injury compensation for our client on this occasion.

Our client was delighted with the outcome and said:

“Thank you for all the effort given in completing this claim”.

Holiday injury & accident abroad claims – expert advice

If you have been injured during any stage of your package holiday, contact us today for your FREE no-obligation consultation. Our expert team of travel law solicitors could help you to secure maximum personal injury compensation. To discover the amount of compensation that you could be entitled to, call 0800 888 6 888 or email info@hampsonhughes.com.

Alternatively, more information can be found via our Package Holiday Claims page.

£2,800 Compensation Secured for Holiday Illness

Image of a hammock hanging between palm trees on a beach in the Dominican Republic

Our travel law team were recently instructed by a client who contracted food poisoning whilst on holiday in the Dominican Republic.

Our client had booked to stay at the 5* Chic by Royalton, Punta Cana for two weeks. The holiday was booked as an all-inclusive package with tour operators Thomas Cook.

Just a few days into their holiday however, the claimant began to suffer from various symptoms, including stomach cramps, headaches and severe diarrhoea. Our client’s symptoms lasted a fortnight and understandably, they could not thoroughly enjoy their luxury break.

The claimant avers that their symptoms were a direct result of the poor food and hygiene standards at the hotel restaurant.

According to our client, food served in the hotel restaurant appeared under-cooked, wasn’t served at the correct temperature, often appeared to have been reheated and was left out for long periods of time without being covered by a steel bain-marie.

Our client also claims that suitable refrigeration was not provided and that staff members handling food did not wear gloves. They also claim that cutlery and crockery provided was dirty and that the eating areas were infested with insects and flies.

Our expert Travel Law team managed to secure a total of £2,800 in compensation for this client.

Holiday Illness Claims – Expert Advice

If you believe that your holiday illness symptoms are linked to poor hygiene standards within your package deal hotel, you may be entitled to holiday illness compensation. There are certain steps that you could take in support of your claim:

•Note all important dates
•Report any hygiene issues to your holiday rep
•Document any suspected poor hygiene (e.g. photo, video)

For further information on holiday sickness compensation, please see our Package Holiday Claims page.

To discover how much compensation you could be entitled to, call our expert team of travel law solicitors today for instant answers. Whatever your experience with holiday sickness, we may be able to help. We offer you a FREE no-obligation consultation. Call 0800 888 6 888 or email info@hampsonhughes.com.