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Teenager Arrested on Suspicion of Assault

A teenage girl has been arrested after a video in which she is seen assaulting another school girl was shared on social media.


The footage, which was posted on Snapchat and later on Facebook, shows the victim – a 13 year old – being repeatedly kicked and punched while her attacker is cheered on by onlookers. The attack, which lasted 25 minutes, took place on the afternoon of Monday 26 September in Tamworth, Staffordhisre.

Police arrested a 15 year old girl on suspicion of assault in relation to the attack on Wednesday 28 September, after they viewed the footage.

A school attended by three pupils thought to be involved condemned the behaviour in a statement which read:

“This was a disgusting and vicious assault that took place away from school on Monday evening and involved three students.

“Despite this taking place away from school, we have not hesitated in taking the firmest action possible against those who perpetrated it and those who stood by and encouraged it.

“We are assisting the police with their enquiries and will ensure that all those who behaved so appallingly are brought to justice.”

According to officers from Tamworth’s local policing team, the victim is at home and recovering after sustaining minor injuries during the attack. A spokesperson said:

“The victim’s mother is fully supportive of Staffordshire Police’s investigation. Officers are treating the matter seriously and taking positive action and the victim’s mother is fully supportive of Staffordshire Police’s investigation.

“The victim was treated in hospital for minor injuries and is recovering at home safe and well.”

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