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Criminal Injury | Man Prosecuted for Scalding Incident

A man has been prosecuted for causing criminal injury after he poured a kettle of boiling water over another man during an altercation over drugs.

YMCA attack

Liverpool Crown Court heard how both James Wishart, 30, and Mohammed Mohammedi had been staying at the YMCA on Leeds Street in Liverpool city centre on the day of the incident, 22 October 2016.

The court heard how Mr Mohammedi, who along with Wishart was staying at the hostel due a substance abuse problem, was in his room talking to another man. Wishart then knocked on the door and was invited into the room by Mr Mohammedi. Henry Riding, prosecuting, told the court that this was when Wishart began to ask for money, before accusing the other of stealing his drugs.

As Mr Mohammedi attempted to calm him down, Wishart turned the kettle on, saying that he wanted a cup of tea. The argument continued and Wishart picked up the kettle and poured boiling water all over Mr Mohammedi’s head. He then proceeded to pour the scalding water over his arms and back.

The victim tried to flee the room but he was restrained at first by Wishart and another resident, before he was then hit by Wishart.

Mr Mohammedi was admitted to hospital following the attack, where he was treated for 9% burns to his neck, shoulder, arm and ear.

Liverpool Crown Court

In court Mr Riding did not try to suggest that Wishart had put the kettle on in order to scald Mr Mohammedi, however he added that pouring boiling water over someone could be liked to an acid attack. He went on to say that the kettle was used as a weapon.

Liverpool Crown Court heard how the victim did not wish to make a victim statement and that his burns were ‘healing very well’.

Jeremy Coleman, defending, said his client was remorseful and glad to hear his victim’s burns were superficial and healed well. Mr Coleman said it was fortunate the injuries, which also included cuts to the face, were not more serious. However, Judge Rachel Smith said she had to assess the harm that could have been caused by his actions.

She said:

“This defendant is extremely lucky that by tipping a kettle of boiling water over his victim he didn’t cause potentially life changing injuries, and/or cosmetic injuries that could have lasted throughout his victim’s life.”

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Source: Liverpool Echo