Pensioners supermarket fall leads to over £8,000 pay-out

A retired head teacher dislocated her shoulder, after falling over a discarded cardboard box in a LIDL supermarket in Crowborough, East Sussex.

What happened?

Jennifer Mills was shopping with her husband in the Beacon Road branch in September 2010 when the incident happened.

Upon returning to the checkouts to meet her husband, the 72-year-old fell over a stray cardboard box, which had been abandoned next to an unloaded, unattended pallet which was partially blocking the aisle.

The Grandmother of six was left lying in agony for almost an hour on the supermarket shop floor until an ambulance arrived, rushing her to the Princess Royal Hospital A&E unit.

She sustained numerous injuries including a dislocated shoulder, a sprain to her right thumb and multiple cuts and bruises.

What was the outcome?

As a result of the accident, Mrs Mills now struggles with everyday tasks.

LIDL’s representatives accepted full liability for the incident and agreed an out-of-court settlement of more that £8,000, as well as additional funds to pay for the physiotherapy required as part of Mrs Mills’ recovery.

Mrs Mills’ solicitor said:

“Supermarkets, shops and other public places have a fundamental
duty to ensure they are providing a safe environment for
the people who use them, this includes both
customers and members of staff.”

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