Noise Induced Hearing Loss

You may be entitled to noise induced hearing loss compensation if your hearing loss symptoms are linked to your past or present working conditions. Even if you have since retired or changed career, or if your former employer has ceased trading, our experts may be able to help. Noise induced hearing loss is also known as NIHL.

How much money is my claim worth? 

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What is the NIHL claim time limit?

We advise speaking to us as soon as you believe that you may be entitled to personal injury compensation. Any cause for delay in beginning your NIHL compensation claim may be taken into account regarding your personal injury claim time limit. For further information, please see What is the personal injury claim time limit? or contact us today for instant answers and peace of mind.

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Noise induced hearing loss symptoms

You could notice the onset of hearing loss symptoms many months or years after exposure to noise at work. You may also find that friends and loved ones are the first to notice your symptoms. There are several common indications that you could be experiencing hearing loss:

Indicators of hearing loss

  • You frequently ask people to repeat themselves
  • Other people point out that the TV volume is too high
  • You experience difficulty in hearing ‘t’, ‘d’, and ‘s’ sounds
  • Conversation on the telephone becomes difficult or impossible
  • You become aware of a permanent ringing in your ears (tinnitus)

Noise induced hearing loss – are you at risk?

Noise induced hearing loss occurs where the sensitive hair cells inside the inner ear become damaged. This damage can be caused following a relatively short-lived exposure to excessive noise, or following a prolonged exposure to relatively low-level noise. If you are unsure whether your symptoms are linked to your past or present working conditions, we can help.

  • Is the noise level noticeable for most of your working day?
  • Are you exposed to continuous noise from impact tools or machinery?
  • Do you find that you must raise your voice to be heard while in the workplace?
  • Does your job involve the use of power tools for more than 30 minutes per day?
  • Is your hearing muffled at the end of the day (even if you recover by morning)?

Examples of occupations at risk

  • Joinery
  • Road repair
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Plastics industry
  • Textile production
  • General factory work
  • Construction & demolition

Noise induced hearing loss – expert advice and support

If you believe that your hearing loss symptoms are linked to your past or present working conditions, you could be entitled to noise induced hearing loss compensation. Depending on your circumstances, we may be able to provide access to rehabilitation support as part of your claim. For further information, please see my rehabilitation

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