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Theme park sentenced after four-year-old suffers serious head injuries

Chessington World of Adventures has been prosecuted after a four-year-old girl suffered serious head injuries when she fell from a raised walkway.

What happened?

The child was queuing for a ride in the theme park when she fell nearly four metres through a gap in a wooden fence. She sustained extensive injuries including a fractured skull, bleeding to the brain and broken ribs, and remained in hospital for a month. She still needs extensive rehabilitation treatment and specialist support.

An investigation into the incident found that the fence palings had evidence of white and brown rot, and one of the palings had fallen out on the morning of the incident.

Additionally, despite tens of thousands of people visiting the park each year, an adequate system of checking and inspecting the fencing or a maintenance process to ensure faults were identified and rectified had not been put in place.

What was the outcome?

Chessington World of Adventures Operations Ltd pleaded guilty to breaching the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974, and was fined £150,000 and ordered to pay £21,614>in costs.

Investigating HSE inspector, Karen Morris, said:

“This was a disastrous and horrifying incident for the child and her parents.
They had travelled from their home in Kent for a fun day out together
at this well-known attraction only to find themselves hours
later in an intensive care ward with their daughter.

“Quite simply, Chessington had insufficient measures in place to prevent
or control the risk of falling from the raised walkway in the
first place – and this was not just a couple of feet
from the ground but nearly four metres.

“This incident shows the importance of implementing robust systems
for checking and maintaining all aspects of rides, and this
includes the walkways and fencing associated
with queuing and where people gather.”

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Catastrophic Injury Team Settle Claim For £1 million

Hampson Hughes Solicitor Catastrophic Injury Team has settled an above the knee amputation claim for over £1 million, in a disputed liability case. The case was a very difficult one involving a very rare defence.

Settlement reached

Whilst liability was not admitted, settlement was reached and this is an amazing result on behalf of our client who will now be able to invest in a property, receive the rehabilitation she needs and in her own words “get closure and move on with my life”.

Catastrophic injuries

Our client suffered from severe psychological injuries as well as very serious physical injuries. The physical injuries meant that she was no longer able to live in her home and needed assistance with moving to a ground floor flat. Her psychological injuries impacted on her ability to cope with the litigation process and adapt top her physical limitations brought about by the accident. She would also suffer severe panic attacks, leaving her often unable to leave the house. It is vital that people who have suffered from a life changing injury have the right team behind them who have experience in dealing with such injuries and can guide the client through the process and ensure that the right advice, medical treatment and experts are involved. We understand that not all your questions, concerns or worries will conveniently fit into the hours of 9-5. This is why all our Catastrophic / Serious injury clients are provided with their file handlers mobile number and email address so that you can contact us any time night or day.

Rehabilitation and support

As a firm, despite liability being disputed, we risk assessed the claim, and made the decision to provide financial support to our client through the purchase of two wheelchairs, rent contributions and rehabilitation. Our client found this financial support invaluable and it helped her on her road to recovery.

It has been a long, an often emotional process, but with the dedication and support of the Catastrophic Injuries Team and Hampson Hughes Solicitors overall, our client was able to find the strength to see the litigation through to the end and achieve settlement of her claim.

Although settlement has been reached we will continue to assist our client in terms of getting financial support, a case manager and obtaining the right rehabilitation. Our involvement does not end simply because we have obtained a settlement for our client as we understand that whilst the litigation process may be over there is still a lot more that our client needs.

Serious injury – expert advice and guidance

If you have suffered a serious injury in a non-fault accident, you may be able to claim personal injury compensation. Depending on your circumstances, we may be able to help you to access a tailored range of rehabilitation services as part of your claim. For further information on the types of rehabilitation and aftercare that may be available, please see ‘my rehabilitation’.

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