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Shoreham Airshow Crash: CAA Announces Vintage Jet Restrictions

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has ruled that vintage jets are to be banned from performing ‘high energy aerobatics’ over land at air shows. All Hunter jets have been grounded and vintage jets are currently limited to ‘flypasts’ only.

This ruling comes after a ‘Hawker Hunter’ taking part in the Shoreham Air Show crashed into traffic on the A27 in West Sussex at the weekend. The crash has led to 11 deaths so far. According to Sussex Police, a crane has removed wreckage from the motorway and no further victims have been found so far.

Assistant Chief Constable Steve Barry has added:

“However, until we have fully completed the search of what is an extensive scene, I must caution that there is still the possibility that we may discover evidence of further victims…”

Over 200 people have been in contact with police over concerns of missing relatives and loved ones. According to officials, the death toll could increase to around 20 over the coming weeks as remains are identified. The pilot of the crashed jet, Andrew Hill, suffered numerous injuries and is said to be in a critical condition. He has since been put into a medically induced coma.

Restrictions for future air shows

The flying restrictions that have been put in place following the tragedy will be valid until further notice. ‘Additional risk assessment on all forthcoming civil air displays’ is to be conducted, a spokesman for the CAA has said. Individual display pilots are to be assessed through a ‘thorough test of their abilities’ before being granted approval to fly.

Numerous forthcoming air shows have had to alter their schedules since the restrictions were announced, including the 75th anniversary Battle of Britain show due to include a performance by Andrew Hill. The event will still take place on September 19th and 20th; however parts of the show have been revised following the crash, according to an Imperial War Museum spokesperson.

This is the second crash at the Shoreham air show in recent years; however the Royal Air Forces Association (RAFA) has defended the show’s safety. A spokesperson has said:

“The team at Shoreham have many years of experience in running air shows throughout the UK and all aircraft have to be certificated and all pilots authorised by the CAA before they are allowed to undertake display routines at any air show.”


West Sussex coroner Penny Schofield has appealed for the public’s “patience and understanding” as she advised that the process to identify the victims would be a “slow and painstaking operation”.
Schofield stated that it may take “several weeks” before all investigations were complete, the coroner added:

“The fire was so intense and the scale of the damage so vast, it means that we must very carefully remove the remains in a way that will lead to a formal identification.”

Meanwhile, Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin has offered his sympathies to those who lost their lives following the crash. He said:

“The government is offering its full support to both the Civil Aviation Authority and the Air Accidents Investigation Branch to ensure everything possible is being done to find out what happened and ensure air displays take place safely and follow the highest standards.”

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Balfour Beatty fined over safety failings

Balfour Beatty Regional Construction Limited has been fined by Bournemouth Magistrates’ Court after a worker was seriously injured on a construction site in Branksome, Poole, Dorset.

The firm was the main contractor in the building of three blocks of flats in Poole. The court heard how, on 6 May 2014, a load of 15 sound bloc boards, (similar to plaster boards) weighing a total of 544 kilograms, were being transported by a crane. They were being moved to the second lift loading bay at the front of one of the tower blocks from the fourth floor at the rear of the building.

As the boards were being lowered, the retaining slings containing them became snagged on a scaffold standard. As a result the load fell out, and struck an employee working below. He was badly injured, suffering fractured ribs and a broken leg.


Bournemouth Magistrate’s Court fined Balfour Beatty Regional Construction Limited, of Wilton Road a total of £22,000 and ordered the firm to pay £16,089 in costs. Balfour Beatty had pleaded guilty to offences under Regulation 8(1)(a,b,c) of the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998.

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Source: HSE

Care Worker Jailed for 10 Years for Abuse

A care worker has been jailed for sexually abusing three elderly people in her care. Christina Sethi worked the night shift at a care home in Devon and was responsible for overseeing the care of patients. Her role involved ensuring that patients were safe and well in their rooms through hourly checks.

Instead, Sethi filmed herself sexually assaulting three vulnerable elderly patients and then proceeded to send the videos to her boyfriend for his ‘sexual gratification’.

Vulnerable Victims

Her victims included two females, said to be the most vulnerable individuals in the home, and one male.

One of Sethi’s female victims had dementia and was 101 years old. She abused the women then sent the seven and a half minute long clip of her abuse to her boyfriend. Sethi apparently denied any wrong doing when her victim tried to complain at the time of the abuse, prompting her victim to tell her ‘yes you are’.

Her other female victim had been sent to the home for end-of-life care and had Alzheimer’s disease. The court heard how Sethi abused this victim a total of three times in just one night. According to police the woman ‘knew something was happening to her’, although she was unable to speak out about her ordeal.

Sethi’s final victim was a blind and vulnerable man with dementia. He again was aware that something was happening to him, and even asked Sethi what was happening during his abuse.

Full Admission

Christina Sethi was jailed for a total of ten years after making a full admission of her actions.

Defending, Jeff Segan said:

“She is just 25 and despite what she did she is not beyond redemption.

“She wants to take advantage of all the opportunities during what she knows will be a long time in custody and rebuild herself.”

Detective Inspector Ed Wright, from Devon and Cornwall Police, said once the case was over:

“Sethi committed crimes that most ordinary people could never comprehend.

“This depraved individual carried out shocking acts of abuse and grossly abused her position at the care home.

“She committed these atrocious acts on the very people she had been trusted to care for and targeted their vulnerabilities in order to satisfy her own sexual deviance.

“Sethi showed complete disregard for the welfare of her vulnerable victims, their families, her colleagues and the care home – all of whom now have to deal with the effects of her traumatic actions.

“She has shown herself to be selfish, chilling and manipulative, committing an abhorrent breach of trust and responsibility.”

He added:

“This has been an emotional and difficult time for those affected by Sethi’s actions and they have shown immense courage throughout this investigation.

“I hope they can take some small comfort in the fact that, by acting swiftly, police were able to ensure Sethi could not commit further crimes and we were able to safeguard those individuals who are most vulnerable in our society.”

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Landlord pays for disrepair in Normanton

A landlord in charge of a property in Normanton, West Yorkshire, has been ordered to pay more than £3,000 over his failure to address conditions that were described as ‘hazardous.’

Southern Derbyshire Magistrates Court fined landlord Arif Hussein £1,000 and instructed that he must pay £1967 in costs. Hussein did not attend the court hearing.

The issues in the property were logged by the council’s housing standard’s team in 2013, and were allocated for investigation by senior environmental officer Dawn Deakin on November 20. The list of health hazards and unsatisfactory conditions in the property was extensive.


• A cooker hob that was too close to the kitchen work surface, causing flame damage
• Electrical wires and light fittings hanging from a ceiling
• A blocked hand basin
• A soaked ceiling in danger of collapse.
• Other ceilings and walls affected by damp
• No smoke alarms
• The electricity meter being bypassed
• Faulty tread
• No handrails on the stairs
• Large amounts of rubbish in the garden

According to Ms Deakin, Mr Hussein

“stated he was not prepared to carry out any remedial work to the property and said the tenants were in rent arrears.”

Nevertheless he was served with an improvement notice on December 12 2013 which stipulated that he complete all necessary repair and refurbishment work by February 19, 2014.

The tenants occupying the property at the time of the original complaint had moved out on November 23 2013, and the building was not inspected until June 2014. Upon arrival Ms Deakin found that very little repair work had been done, and even that to a very poor standard. Mr Hussein was summoned to two interviews to discuss the matter further, but did not attend.

On January 16, 2015, Ms Deakin again visited the property, finding a new family of tenants living there. But still, virtually none of the requisite improvements had been made.
Speaking after the hearing, a cabinet member for regulated services, Baggy Shanker, stated:

“What was in the house was of a very poor condition, putting those living there at risk. I welcome the fine and I hope it acts as a deterrent to other bad landlords in our city and sends the clear message that we will pursue them and prosecute.
The impact these rogue landlords has on people’s everyday lives – including children and the elderly – is massive and the profits they are creaming off are big.”

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Source: Derby Telegraph

Met Police Officer Charged With Child Sex Offences

A serving Metropolitan Police officer has recently appeared in court charged with child sex offences.

Member of the Roads and Transport policing unit in London, PC John Wigglesworth, has appeared at Redbridge Magistrates Court. The officer was charged with two counts of rape, as well as two counts of engaging in sexual activity with a child.

It is alleged that the offences took place between 2008 and 2010.

Mr Wigglesworth was arrested at his home on Tuesday 4th August and charged later that same day.

A spokesperson for Scotland Yard has confirmed that PC Wigglesworth was not on duty at the time of his arrest and has since been suspended from work.

‘As a matter of course’, the Directorate of Professional Standards has also been informed.

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Needlestick Victim Refused Treatment Three Times

A Gosford cleaner was turned away from three separate care centres after suffering a needlestick injury in a public toilet.

David Crisp, 40, was performing cleaning duties in public toilets on Trinity High Street in Fareham when he picked up a piece of tissue paper. Concealed within was a dirty needle, and Mr Crisp unwittingly pricked himself.

Treatment Saga

Immediately seeking the advice of his employer, he was advised to go to Accident & Emergency. But when he arrived at A&E at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham, he was told that he would have to see his GP – ostensibly because it was 2PM and so within General Practice opening hours. However, when his wife rang Brune Medical Centre, Rowner Road, Gosport, she was told that David should go to A & E as that was the protocol for needlestick injuries.

Mr Crisp then tried the Guildhall walk-in Centre in Portsmouth, where staff gave advice but said that they could not treat him.

Attempting to get a clear picture of the suggested procedure, Mr Crisp rang NHS 111 at 7PM, only to be told that the best place to go was A&E.

Eventually, he was seen and treated. He has been given vaccinations and will receive blood tests and boosters over the next year whilst awaiting initial results. But understandably, the delay has caused a great deal of distress.

Mr Crisp said:

‘The whole day was shambolic and it left me feeling very emotional and angry – even several days later. I was concerned about HIV and hepatitis C, worried I could have either of these and that I was delayed treatment. I was turned away from A&E as it was 2pm and was told to see my GP.’

‘After all that I couldn’t believe I was being sent back to the place where it all began,’ said Mr Crisp.
‘What made me angry was I needed treatment quickly but was left waiting several hours instead.’

Even after the event, official NHS protocol for needlestick injuries is not entirely clear. Each care centre believed they were doing the correct thing by redirecting Mr. Crisp, as emphasised by their respective statements after the incident.

A Queen Alexandra Hospital spokesman said:

‘Our needlestick policy is that within working hours patients should visit their employer’s occupational health service or their GP, and out-of-hours should go to the emergency department for a risk assessment and appropriate follow-up.’

Meanwhile a representative of the Guildhall Walk-in Centre stated:

‘The contract we operate under does not permit the team working there to carry out blood tests on patients who are not registered with the centre, unless the GPs have reason to believe the patient has cancer.

‘As a result of this contractual obligation, we refer patients that have been pricked by a potentially dirty needle on to another NHS service for tests.’

Whilst Dr Stuart Morgan, senior partner at the Brune Medical Centre, defended the actions of the practice:

‘It was our firm understanding patients with needlestick injuries should be seen in A&E. We have apologised to the patient for any impression given that we were not willing to see him, and we have been in contact with several NHS services to ensure he has received appropriate treatment.

‘We are entirely satisfied our receptionist did everything she felt appropriate in the circumstances.’

A Clinical Commissioning Group is now looking to streamline and homogenise the policies of all practices to ensure that there is no repeat of this type of incident.

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Source: Portsmouth News

Sex Abuse Claims – Lord Janner Appears in Court

Last week 87 year old Lord Janner appeared in court for the first time over historical sex abuse charges.

A total of nine victims have spoken out about the alleged offences that took place during the 1960s, 70s and 80s. The former Labour MP has been charged over 22 counts of child sex abuse, including 15 counts of indecent assault and 7 separate counts of a separate sexual offence.

Ill Health

Earlier in 2015, the decision to not bring charges against Lord Janner, due to his ill health, was made by Alison Saunders, Director of Public Prosecutions. This decision was overruled after an appeal by the alleged victims.

Lawyers for the peer have repeatedly tried to halt his appearance in court, instead asking for him to appear via video link from his own residence. Lord Janner was diagnosed with dementia in 2008 and the Janner family barrister, lawyer Paul Ozil, claimed that this option would be the ‘least likely’ to cause him to suffer. He is also showing increasing signs of Parkinson’s disease, according to relatives.

Lord Janner’s family had previously expressed their concern at him appearing in court. They claimed that this would be similar to ‘torture’ and that it would be ‘barbaric, inhuman and uncivilised’. His family also stated that a court appearance would be dismissing his human right to a ‘private and family life’ just so a ‘box could be ticked’. However, this appeal was dismissed without hearing an argument from prosecutors by two senior judges.

But Emma Arbuthnot, deputy chief magistrate refused the multiple requests, saying last week:

“Even if I have to have him arrested I am going to resolve this matter today.”

According to Mrs Justice Arbuthnot, as Lord Janner is not in custody, he was not permitted to appear via a live link – this is only acceptable for providing evidence when an individual is in custody.

Court Appearance

Lord Janner’s court appearance lasted just under a minute, long enough for him to confirm his name only and the charges against him were read out once he had exited the court room.

The former Labour MP is now due for a hearing on September 1st at Southwark Crown Court. If he is found unfit to plead by a crown court judge, a trial of the facts will take place. This would not result in Lord Janner’s guilt or conviction, instead a jury would make a decision surrounding whether or not he actually committed the acts of physical abuse. However, if the peer is found fit to enter a plea, a full trial is likely to take place.

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Slovakian Brothers Jailed for Child Sex Abuse

A Slovakian man and his brother have recently been jailed following a string of child sex offences in Britain, thirteen months after initially being charged.

Better Way of Life

Eduard Peticky and his brother, Ludovit, moved to Yorkshire in 2008 for a ‘better way of life’. It was here that they trafficked and abused their victims, with offences taking place between 2010 and 2012 in the Eastwood area of Rotheram.

Ludovit Peticky was jailed last week for twelve years for offences against a boy aged between 3 and 5, a five year old girl and a third victim aged between ten and eleven. He was charged with five counts of sexual assault of a child under thirteen and one count of causing or inciting a child under thirteen to engage in sexual activity.

Eduard Peticky was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for at least ten years. He was charged with four offences last year. They include sexual activity with a child, trafficking for sexual exploitation, causing or inciting a child under thirteen to engage in sexual activity and sexual assault on a child under thirteen.

Delayed Sentencing

The brothers were jailed following a four day trial, in which they had originally denied the charges brought against them. British authorities had tried to get hold of details of previous convictions that had occurred when the brother lived in Slovakia and this resulted in the delay of their sentencing.

Slovakian authorities reported that Eduard had a ‘psychopathic personality’ and was a ‘particularly repeat offender’ according to Judge Kelson, sentencing. He added:

“This was a truly horrifying incident. It is as depraved as depraved could be. It is nothing short of horrific.”

He also said of Eduard Peticky that his case was ‘one of the utmost gravity’ and that he ‘poses a significant risk to members of the public’.

Foreign Nationals and Previous Convictions

The judge also went on to say that this case highlights the requirement for ‘improvements in providing courts with details about previous convictions of EU nationals involved in criminal cases here in the UK. He added:

‘The police acted with the utmost urgency in trying to obtain the relevant information. It is now 13 months on and they have finally succeeded.

‘It is an inevitable consequence of freedom of movement but somehow something must be done to improve the obtaining of criminal records and proof of them for criminal proceedings.’

A spokesperson for the Home Office stated:

‘Foreign criminals have no place in the United Kingdom and this Government is using all the resources available to protect the British public.

‘In the last five years, we have strengthened the UK’s ability to request and obtain criminal records data from other countries about foreign nationals who are arrested in the UK.

‘Since 2010, checks on foreign nationals going through the UK criminal justice system have increased by more than 1,000 per cent, helping ensure more foreign criminals are taken off our streets and making our communities safer.

‘The Government is also providing leadership in Europe, and across the world, on efforts to improve the proactive sharing of information between countries about foreign offenders.’

Investigating Officer Detective, Constable Ian Hampshire said:

‘These young children suffered horrific abuse at the hands of these brothers over a prolonged period of time.

‘The harm that they caused will stay with them forever. I am pleased the young victims found the courage to tell someone what had happened to them so that we could take swift action against the men and bring them to justice.’

‘I hope this will encourage other victims of abuse to come forward if they feel able to and report what has happened to them in the knowledge they will be listened to and we will investigate thoroughly.’

Sexual abuse claims – expert advice

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Source: Mail Online

Lawyer’s Comments put Marital Rape in Spotlight

A lawyer for Donald Trump has defended claims that the presidential candidate raped his then wife, Ivana Trump, early on in their marriage, by stating “you can’t rape your spouse”.

Michael Cohen, a key member of Donald Trump’s campaign and a trained lawyer, said the following:

“You’re talking about the front-runner for the GOP, presidential candidate, as well as private individual who never raped anybody. And, of course, understand that by the very definition, you can’t rape your spouse.”

Cohen’s comments were a response to questions put to him by The Daily Beast, regarding allegations from 1989, that Trump had raped Ivana. She apparently used the word ‘rape’ to describe and incident between the then husband and wife, and stated that she had felt ‘violated’ at the time.

Marital rape has been illegal in the US since 1984. Cohen has since apologised for his comments, however they have brought to light the fact that in a number of US states, marital rape is treated more leniently.

This has been seconded by Jill Hasday, a professor of law at Minnesota University, who has stated marital rape is not treated the same as rape outside of marriage.

Scott Berkowitz, president of the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network said that Cohen’s statements are “clearly wrong and don’t reflect current law”. He went on to say:

“Most spouses don’t report to police and even when they do it can be a more difficult thing to prove in court or to get a conviction on, so sometimes prosecutors are reluctant to take on cases like that.

“But of course that doesn’t change the underlying fact that it’s against the law.”

In 1991, rape of a spouse became a crime in the UK. The 2003 Sexual Offences Act clarified this law, giving consent as a legal definition in England and Wales.

Sexual abuse claims – expert advice

Hampson Hughes Solicitors specialises in directing sexual abuse claims in a considerate and compassionate manner. Our Abuse & Criminal Injuries Department is headed by Greg Neill – Greg is a member of the Association of Child Abuse Lawyers (ACAL).

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Sources: The Guardian; BBC News; The Independent

GPs to Rethink Number of Antibiotics Prescribed

There are 42 million prescriptions written each year in England, around 10 million of which are not needed or incorrect.

Antibiotic Apocalypse

There is talk amongst leading health figures that the world of modern medicine is facing an ‘antibiotic apocalypse’. This ‘apocalypse’ could result in infections and diseases we have been immune to for years killing once more. This is in part due to the apparent unnecessary prescription of antibiotics for respiratory infections, including the common cold and sore throats, which has led to an increase in resistance.

According to the National Institute for Healthcare and Excellence, if past guidelines on this particular type of infection were to be followed, there would be a decrease in prescriptions of 22%.

Professor Mark Baker, director of ‘Centre of Clinical Practice’ at the National Institute for Healthcare and Excellence (NICE) has said:

“People who overuse antibiotics are creating a problem for patients with life-threatening infections…

“We are proposing that evidence is collected so the finger can be pointed at people who are a soft touch.”

Hazardous Practice

According to Professor Baker, overprescribing is a “really hazardous practice” that can have negative effects on patients. He has also expressed his concern over the number of individuals that are increasingly becoming ‘addicted’ to the thought of receiving antibiotics.

There is enormous pressure on GPs from patients to receive antibiotics, with 97% of those that ask for drugs receiving them. Baker has called for a change in practice and for officials to regulate those GPs that are overprescribing. ‘If necessary’, he believes that GPs should be referred to the General Medical Council for overprescribing.

NICE – New Set of Guidelines for NHS

NICE have since devised a new set of guidelines that aim to lower the number of antibiotic prescriptions handed out per year in England by the NHS by 25%. They will provide GPs with help in making decisions, such as when to refuse to write a prescription and when it would be inadvisable to offer antibiotics.

However, not all agree with this method of thinking.

Dr Tim Ballard, of the Royal College of GPs, has advised that the focus here should be on a ‘societal change’ rather than doctors themselves. He said:

“Any suggestion that hard-pressed GPs – who are already trying to do their jobs in increasingly difficult circumstances – will be reported to the regulator is counter-productive and unhelpful.”

Change of Practice

Chief executive of the General Medical Council, Niall Dickinson, has suggested that annual appraisals should include the revision of doctor’s prescribing habits. He said:

“Doctors can, and do, face sanctions for mis-prescribing.” But the message is “more about changing the norms of practice generally than pursuing individual doctors”.

Other suggestions to avoid over prescribing include the implementation of ‘antimicrobial stewards’ to detect high levels of prescribing and also the use of ‘delayed prescribing’. The latter would mean that a patient’s condition and symptoms would have to deteriorate in order to use the prescription.

Guidelines relating to educating the public are said to be released by NICE next year.

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