Month: February 2014

Baby Death – Ambulance Crew Failings

Four-month-old Lacey Marie Poton died following a series of regrettable events involving Bristol Hospital and South Western Ambulance Service.

What Happened?

Lacey was fitted with a cardiac catheter at Bristol Hospital. The next day, Lacey was sent home.

Upon arriving home, her mother noticed that Lacey looked ill, and rang the hospital. She received instructions to take Lacey to the family GP, but was told at the practice to rush Lacey into A&E.

A registrar cardiologist at the A&E department of Bristol Hospital did not agree that Lacey should be admitted, and the four-month old was sent home.

Within 10 minutes of returning home, Lacey suffered what is suspected to have been a cardiac arrest, and an ambulance was called.


The ambulance crew did not treat the case as an emergency, and blue lights were not used at any stage of the journey – meaning prolonged travel times.

Suitable monitoring equipment was not on board the vehicle, and the student paramedic tasked with taking notes – for the eyes of hospital staff – did not produce a sufficient recording of events.

Furthermore, the hospital was not made aware of Lacey’s imminent arrival, and 45 minutes passed before a cardiologist was available.

Lacey died early the next day.

Following these events, the lead paramedic has been retained on “restricted practice” – he is not able to provide medical services without the supervision of a senior colleague.

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Health Secretary to Dissolve Mid Staffordshire Hospital Trust

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has agreed plans to dissolve Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust.

The hospital was recently at the centre of a care-standards scandal that involved between 400 and 1,200 more deaths than was reasonably expected in the time-frame.

Appalling Care

An investigation by the Healthcare Commission revealed that the families of patients reported appalling standards in health care.

Discussion focused on the tick-box culture that appeared to be prevalent at the Foundation Trust, with managers placing a greater importance on achieving targets than on patient care.


Health watchdog Monitor announced that the service was “unsustainable”, and in April 2013 the hospital went into administration – without changes, annual debts of around £40m were predicted by 2017.

The Future

Support Stafford Hospital (SSH) was originally opposed to the plans put forward by Mr Hunt, but now accepts that the Trust should be dissolved.

Mr Hunt is currently reviewing plans to retain maternity services at Mid Staffordshire Hospital.

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Hampson Hughes Award Nominations

Hampson Hughes Solicitors has been nominated for the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce Apprentice Awards 2014 – and we’re also included in the Employer of the Year category!

Two of our employees have also been shortlisted for the Excellence in Achievement Award & Apprentice of the Year Award (16-18 Category)

Fantastic news!

The Dark Side of Winter Sports

Winter sports can be great fun. However, with such activities comes great risk – unfortunately things do go wrong, and when they do, catastrophic injuries are not uncommon. As the winter Olympics draws to a close, we are reminded that professionals too are not free from the risks and dangers of the sport.

Injuries may vary from simple soft tissue injuries to severe head trauma – therefore it is important to ensure that the correct medical advice is sought.

Injuries suffered whilst skiing often affect the knees. Whilst these injuries are not always catastrophic, they can require lengthy rehabilitation. In order to ensure that you receive the best care possible, professional advice from a solicitor should be sought.

The head, the neck, and the back are exposed areas during a skiing fall. Consequently, these areas are at greater risk of suffering a catastrophic injury. The use of a helmet cannot be advocated enough, but even this cannot always prevent injuries of a serious nature from occurring. Following a life changing catastrophic injury, the importance of ensuring that you get the correct advice and treatment cannot be overstated.

Hampson Hughes has a dedicated Catastrophic & Serious Injuries team. We have the expertise and the experience required to direct and supervise your medical treatment, and to progress and win your claim.

Skiing accident claims could be fraught with issues. In particular, knowing where and how to bring the claim differs in each case, depending on the circumstances. Seeking expert advice is therefore crucial in ensuring that careful consideration is given to each aspect of your recovery, and that the correct advice and guidance is provided throughout your rehabilitation.

If you or someone you know has been involved in an accident whilst skiing or snowboarding, contact Hampson Hughes for impartial advice on how to proceed. Call 0800 888 6888 or email .

Hampson Hughes & Caudwell Children Launch Partnership

Hampson Hughes Solicitors proudly launched its exclusive supportive partnership with Caudwell Children on Wednesday 19th February. The event took place at our Edward Pavilion HQ and saw the charity launch their unique service to Merseyside, meaning support is now available for families with disabled children.

Before Hampson Hughes Solicitors joined forces with Caudwell Children, the charity unfortunately could not help families in our region. We’re proud to have made this possible for Caudwell Children.



Hampson Hughes Solicitors Launch Charitable Foundation

Hampson Hughes Solicitors are pleased to announce the launch of the Hampson Hughes Charitable Foundation. The trustees and staff have chosen four great ‘Charities of the Year’ for 2014. We will be undertaking a number of challenges and fundraising activities across the year in order to raise money for all these very worthwhile causes and would really appreciate your help  – any donations large or small will be greatly appreciated by both ourselves and the charities we are supporting!

(donations can be made to the Hampson Hughes Charitable Foundation by cheque, bacs or cash (bank account details: Hampson Hughes Charitable Foundation, 306562, 28015768 ).

We will keep you updated on the amounts we raise for each of the charities and all the upcoming activities we have planned and please be assured that Hampson Hughes Solicitors or the staff themselves will fully fund the cost of undertaking any challenges/fundraising activities therefore 100% of all donations will go to the charities themselves.

First Challenge – Cuban Revolution Cycle – March 2014

The first challenge of the year is the Cuban Revolution Cycle in March which will see Paul Hampson, John Hughes and Stephen Hampson cycle for 10 days and 350kms across Cuba from Havana to Trinidad!


Charities of the Year

Positive Futures

CHICS Childrens Cancer Support Group

Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY)

Alder Hey Childrens Charity

Hampson Hughes Zumbathon 2014

Kesiena Ovien, from Hampson Hughes Solicitors, is the Charity Representative for Merseyside Junior Lawyers Division. This Spring, Kesi is organising an MJLD charity zumbathon in aid of CHIC’s. Here she gives the details of the event, and explains why CHIC’s have been chosen to benefit.

Hampson Hughes Solicitors Charity Zumbathon

This year, as part of my role as Charities Representative on the Merseyside Junior Lawyers committee, I have attempted to organise a wide range of new and exciting charity events – all to fundraise for our chosen charity, CHIC’s.

As part of this even plan, we are proud to announce the CHIC’s Children’s Cancer Support Group Zumbathon 2014.

Given the huge success of the Hampson Hughes Zumbathon last year (in aid of Comic Relief) the committee decided that there was no better choice of support for a second year.

The event will take place at Lifestyles Wavertree Aquatic Centre on Sunday 27th April 1-4pm.

The CHIC’s Zumbathon will see over 100 participants and 15 instructors come together to participate in a 3 hours Zumba – marathon, all to raise money for the MJLD’s nominated charity – CHIC’s (Children’s Cancer Support Group)

One of the reasons the MJLD decided on this cause was because it was a local little known charity that works endlessly to provide care and support to children going through treatment and the families who are also effected.

In order to help hit our target of £3000 we are recruiting the help of any instructors, participants and local companies who would wish to donate raffle prizes or sponsorship donations. If you are interested in finding out more please contact


Mersey-slide: Arsene Wenger’s Liverpool Trip

By Andrew Fairman

Great fall

Even the great can fall. This was highlighted on Saturday when Arsenal Football Club manager Arsene Wenger – usually a man of assured calmness – slipped and fell on his way into Liverpool’s Lime Street Station. But what happens if you slip in a public place and suffer an injury?

We are currently suffering one of the worst spells of weather in living memory. As the wind and rain continue to take a toll, people must remain ever vigilant when making their way around public places – unfortunately, accidental slips do happen. The question is: what are your rights following a fall of this nature?

Occupiers’ Liability Act

Your rights can be found under section 2 of the Occupier’s Liability Act 1957. This section provides that an occupier of a property is obliged to take reasonable steps in order to ensure visitor safety.

The legislation contains two separate phrases using the word ‘reasonable’ – the reasonableness of each case will be judged on an individual basis. This provides a balanced duty for all Occupiers. Should a potential Defendant fail to comply with this duty, a Claimant will be successful in pursuing a claim against them.

As with Arsene Wenger, cases of this nature involve wet surfaces. The matter was most prominently considered in the landmark case of Laverton v Kiapasha (2002). This case provides guidance as to the level of care required in order to ensure visitor safety, and is an example of how all the relevant circumstances were taken into account by the Court of Appeal.

The case involved a Claimant slipping on a wet floor inside a takeaway. However, the Defendant had installed non-slip tiles and had provided a mat in the entrance. The Judge therefore ruled that the Defendant had taken reasonable steps towards ensuring visitor safety.

The verdict in this instance serves to highlight the level of care owed by Occupiers. The same can be applied to all slipping cases – where a Defendant is unable to prove reasonable care for a visitor safety, a Claimant will be successful in bringing an action against them.

Slip, trip and fall compensation claims

If you have recently been involved in a slip in a public place, and you would like further information and advice, speak to Hampson Hughes Solicitors today. Please call 0800 888 6888 or email

Families invited to ‘Merseyside Family Support Service’ launch

Families caring for disabled children across Merseyside are being invited to attend the launch of a ground-breaking support service later this month.

Merseyside Family Support Service

National children’s charity, Caudwell Children, has partnered with local law firm, Hampson Hughes Solicitors, to launch the Merseyside Family Support Service and provide practical and emotional support for the thousands of families caring for disabled children across the region.

Thanks to funding from the law firm, Merseyside will have a dedicated team of Family Support Co-ordinators and trained volunteers to provide one-to-one support for families at times of crisis.

The Head of Catastrophic Injury at Hampson Hughes Solicitors, commented:

“Caudwell Children provide vital support to families of disabled children across the whole UK but up until now there wasn’t a dedicated team to help people in Merseyside. Having represented families with children that have suffered life changing and debilitating injuries we know only too well the unique challenges they face.

“We’re therefore delighted to be able to fund this important initiative that will provide crucial support when it’s most needed.”

The innovative support service operates across the UK and provides a high quality service to families with disabled children who are experiencing family difficulties or require additional support to prevent feelings of isolation, stress and frustration that can lead to family breakdown.

Steve Jackson, Family Services Manager at Caudwell Children, said:

“We are delighted to be working in partnership with Hampson Hughes Solicitors to provide vital early intervention services and urge families from across the region to come along to the launch or get in touch to find out more.

“We also need dedicated volunteers to help support the service and would invite anyone with an interest in helping disabled children or gaining valuable experience in a practical family support role to come along for a chat.”

The launch takes place at the Hampson Hughes Solicitors offices at the Edward Pavilion, Albert Dock on Wednesday 19th February from 11am to 2pm.

Caudwell Children

Caudwell Children is a national charity providing practical and emotional support for disabled children and their families living in the UK. Founded in 2000, the charity has provided services worth over £25million and supported thousands of children with over 500 different medical conditions.

Liverpool-based personal injury specialists, Hampson Hughes Solicitors, is a proud supporter of several local and national UK charities in particular those that offer a better quality of life to individuals suffering the long term effects of an accident or injury.

For more information about the Merseyside Family Support Service visit the Caudwell Children website at or call Freephone 0845 300 1348.

The Employment Liability and Public Liability Process

by Jonathan Alderton, Hampson Hughes Solicitors

Our approach in advancing each Employers’ Liability (EL) and Public Liability (PL) claim is all encompassing – meaning that we will take care of everything. Due to the often complex nature of these claims, seeking expert assistance from trained professionals could mean the difference between the eventual success or failure of the case.

Employers’ liability

The first step in bringing a successful claim is to establish liability. In the case of an accident at work, there is the potential for a culture of blame sharing to arise between a company and its subsidiaries – locating a solvent and viable insurer that is willing to accept that its corporate client is at fault could prove difficult.

However, through a combination of gathering information from Companies House and from the Employers’ Liability Trading Office (ELTO) – alongside carefully analysing information supplied by the Client – locating the correct party against which the claim may be brought could take less time than you might think.

Public liability

In the case of Public Liability tripping claims, we look toward photographic evidence and Locus Report facilities in order to identify the responsible party.

Recently, my colleague Andrew Fairman wrote a blog on a case that focused on establishing liability – the study raised the question of landowner liability in cases of trips or falls on adjacent unadopted highways. Another recent case involved tracing the history of a highway to 1835, so as to raise a presumption of a local Council’s liability. One further example involved applying the Montreal Convention to an accident involving a multinational airline, so as to establish the boundaries of the duty of care owed to its passengers.

The above examples serve as evidence of our ability and determination in successfully settling your claim.

Personal injury compensation claims

If you have been involved in a non-fault accident, and you believe that you would benefit from the creative thinking that sets us apart from our competitors, contact Hampson Hughes Solicitors today. Call 0800 888 6888 for a free and confidential consultation with one of our experts.