Month: June 2018

£17,500 compensation secured for elderly couple after holiday illness in Tenerife

Mr and Mrs Parish contracted food poisoning so severe while they were on holiday at the Hotel Iberostar, Tenerife that they both required emergency care and were unable to travel home for several days.

Our clients suspect their illness was caused by seafood, specifically crabmeat which was not fresh.

Our clients had attended the same hotel at least 3 times over Christmas prior to this holiday and had always had an enjoyable time.

On this occasion our clients were enjoying a very pleasant holiday until New Year’s Eve. On New Year’s Eve when they attended a gala dinner in the hotel restaurant where they each tucked into a large plate of seafood. Later that evening they began to feel so unwell that Mrs Parish collapsed. A doctor was called out and both were admitted to hospital. Mrs Parish remained unconscious for some time and Mr Parish was admitted to intensive care. The ordeal the Parish’s experienced was nothing short of horrendous. Luckily their daughter Wendy was on hand to assist and liaise with the hotel and hospital and insurance company on their behalf.

Prior to the holiday our clients were fit and independent pensioners but their illness struck them so hard that they are now described by their family and friends as ‘losing their spark’ and they have gone from numerous holidays each year to no holidays due to a culmination of fear, stress and physical ability.

Mr and Mrs Parish and their family felt let down by Thomas Cook and describe themselves as being ‘abandoned’ with Thomas Cook ‘offering no assistance at all’

The Claimants advise they are ‘deeply disappointed that we have had to go to these lengths to achieve some degree of recompense. We doubt very much there can ever be any true recompense for what we have lost. Having our health and vitality in retirement was a priceless gift that is now lost. We have been loyal customers of Thomas Cook for many years and have never made a complaint in respect of any holiday undertaken.’

“Thank you again Shiamli and team for all the help and work you have done for my parents.  They are both extremely relieved as it has taken its toll on both of them.”
Wendy (Mr & Mrs Parish’s daughter)

The Claimant’s had no interest in any financial compensation, they merely wanted Thomas Cook to be held accountable for their horrific ordeal and an apology. Unfortunately, Thomas Cook failed to deal with their complaint and Court proceedings were commenced causing further stress for the Claimants.

Over two years after the claims were commenced, Hampson Hughes secured the Claimants compensation in an out of Court settlement, less than a week before the trial.

Mr and Mrs Parish wish to use the claims to highlight to others that if you have genuinely suffered illness on holiday, the tour operators need to be held accountable.