Month: January 2018

Future Trainees Announced

We are delighted to announce that Lisa Kane and Nick Cowley, will be staring their training contracts this year with Hampson Hughes.

Training contracts are the final stage of qualifying process. It will see these staff members well on their way to becoming fully qualified solicitors.

To receive a training contract is a huge accomplishment and testament to the hard work and dedication of the successful applicants.

Huge well done to all!

Care Home Compensation Claims

Care Home Compensation

Care homes and nursing homes have a legal obligation to ensure that all residents are safe, comfortable and, most importantly, unharmed. Unfortunately, many care homes across the UK have come under scrutiny in recent years with reports of poor care worker standards, levels of negligence and, in severe cases, even abuse.

Placing a family member or loved one into a care home can often be a difficult decision to make, and your choice will have been made in the confidence that a certain level of care will be provided. So, if this trust is broken, you will not only feel that your loved one has been let down, but you will also feel that your trust has been betrayed.

Care home negligence cases

Care home negligence doesn’t just include mistreatment and abuse, it can also include injuries sustained as a result of staff errors or failures. In December 2017, 103-year-old Barbara Doodson, a resident at Reinbek care home in Stockport, sadly passed away after suffering a fall when she was left alone in a care home garden for two hours. Unfortunately, though the care home had been rated as good at its two previous inspections, this incident may have been prevented with better staff supervision.

Other care home negligence cases have included:

  • Failing to provide regular bathing, washing and cleaning
  • Failure to provide suitable lifting aids, medication or medical attention when needed
  • Failure to provide clean bedding and clothing
  • Failure to provide enough food or water, which may lead to dehydration and malnutrition
  • Failure to provide enough supervision to avoid falls and other injuries
  • Failure to prevent pressure sores or ulcers
  • Physical abuse, including; assault and bullying, lack of patient care, threatening behaviour, withholding physical care or medical attention.

Care Home Injury and Negligence Compensation

Unfortunately, however vigilant you are when choosing a care home for your family member or loved one, incidents can happen.

If you, or your loved one, has suffered mistreatment or sustained an injury while a resident at a care home that wasn’t your fault, Hampson Hughes’ team of expert serious injury lawyers may be able to help. For free, confidential and no obligation advice about care home negligence claims, call us today on 0151 236 1222.


Farm Labourer Injury Claims

Farm Related Injuries

With a fatal injury rate of 7.61 workers per 100,000, working in agriculture a dangerous profession – with statistics showing that it’s six times more dangerous than a career in construction and has a fatality rate that is 18 times higher than the average industry.

A report released by The Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) agricultural team has revealed that, in 2016/17, 30 people were killed in agriculture. Sustained injuries from vehicle-related accidents consistently lead to more deaths than any other means, and half of the people whose fatal injuries were caused by something collapsing were also taking part in work involving vehicles and/or machinery.

In addition to these already shocking figures, the HSE also reported a sudden and surprising increase in the number of farm fatalities in February 2017 with 10 deaths in the UK in that month alone, which prompted a call for increased vigilance in and around farmyards.

Farm negligence cases

Some of the farm work required will mean that participating workers and farmers will be carrying out jobs, on some level, in dangerous or hazardous conditions. This may be operating farm machinery and equipment or simply working with farm animals. Though some injuries sustained during farm work cannot be helped, in many cases investigations found that there had not been satisfactory risk assessment carried out, there was not a safe system of work set up or there were no measures to stop workers coming into contact with dangerous parts of machines.

Farm Work Injury and Negligence Compensation

Unfortunately, however careful you are when working on a farm, accidents can happen. Along with the physical and emotional effects of an injury at work, there can also be financial consequences. Time taken off work can impact your wages and, depending on the extent of your injuries, ongoing medical treatment can be expensive.

If you, or your loved one, has sustained an injury whilst working on a farm that wasn’t your fault, Hampson Hughes’ team of expert personal injury solicitors may be able to help. For free, confidential and no obligation advice about care home negligence claims, call us today on 0151 236 1222.



Hampson Hughes sponsor ‘Botched’ on E!


Hampson Hughes solicitors recently signed off on a 12 month sponsorship deal with NBC Universal in L.A, to sponsor the TV show ‘Botched’ on sky channel E!

Botched follows two renowned plastic surgeons based in the USA, who help remedy extreme plastic surgeries gone wrong.

The show started broadcast of series 4 in the UK, in January 2018 and is set to run through until December 2018. As sponsors of the show, Hampson Hughes solicitors will feature a 15 second commercial at the start and end of every episode, along with 5 second bumper adverts in between commercial breaks for the show.

To take a look at our sponsorship commercial, please click below…

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