Month: July 2018

Civil Liability Bill

Following two years of opposition and debate, the governments proposed reforms to whiplash claims have finally taken a step closed to being introduced through the Civil Liability Bill.

Deemed as one of the largest overhauls to the Personal Injury industry since the Jackson reforms, the Bill recently passed the House of Lords Report stage on 12th June 2018. And will soon progress to the House of Commons for further scrutiny.

Introduced in 2017, in an effort to combat fraudulent whiplash claims, the Bill aims to reform the current claims process for Road Traffic Accidents through key provisions which include:

  • A fixed compensation tariff for PSLA in whiplash claims
  • Regulatory ban on pre-medical offers
  • Increase of the Small Claims Limit to £5,000

Despite opposition from the Justice Select Committee, APIL, Law Society and claimant solicitors within the PI industry, the MOJ appear intent upon introducing sweeping changes. This will ultimately sacrifice claimant access to justice for reduced insurance premiums.

Subject to unopposed passed through comments, it is expected the Bill will become law in April 2019. However, the claimant sector remains hopeful that the fight is not yet lost.