Month: October 2018

The importance of Employee Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing is vital in ensuring a successful company. Your staff are the people that help run the business and putting them first is key for productivity and smart work.

Companies are striving to address employee wellbeing to ensure that they have positive motivated employees. After all, happy employees = productive employees!

Whereas, employees who are stressed, undermined and de-valued = high employee turnover and recruitment costs!

At Hampson Hughes, we have several tools in place to help improve employee wellbeing:

  • Company Intranet: This is where we promote employee engagement through business suggestions, business updates, charity involvement, news articles, useful links and a staff directory.
  • Core Values Factsheet: Recognised the importance of staff members and outlines the firm’s guiding principles.
  • Employee of the Month: Enables staff to nominate colleagues in recognition of their worth and achievements. The winning staff member and nominated staff being rewarded for their hard work.
  • Free Fruit: Every Wednesday the firm provides a fresh fruit basket to promote healthy eating and a balanced diet.
  • Staff Incentives: All employees have access to a range of discounts for local restaurants, bars and social events.